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Kids Review of Fuji Underwater Camera

September 15, 2009 Kids Gadgets 1 Comment

Hello, my name is Helen and with my moms help, I purchased the Z33WP Fujifilm camera. It is the best camera I have ever used. I give it five stars for multiple reasons! This camera always takes good pictures above or underwater. I took it to Maui this summer and it took some truly breathtaking photos of turtles and sunsets.

I can always count on this camera to take a perfect picture on auto setting but if you want to get fancy you can always use one of the many other settings. A few are flower setting, underwater setting, or sunset setting. This camera comes in three different colors: lime green, pink, and black. It has six big rubber buttons which makes it easy to use above or under water. It barely weighs anything and is very small. I purchased mine at Amazon for $150. You can also get the Float Strap for $10 and the Silicone Case for another $10. I definitely think this camera is worth it! Below are photos I took while I was in Hawaii with my family.


Sea Turtle in Hawaii

Sunset in Hawaii

Sunset in Hawaii

I took the sea turtle picture while snorkeling. This was a very fun camera to have if you like to take pictures in the water. The only problem with the camera is that my sisters kept wanting to borrow it from me!


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  1. dsi r4 says:

    The majority of the camera is plastic which makes it so lightweight, but it seems relatively sturdy short of drop-testing it. I would say that I have medium-sized male hands and this camera is pretty small to hold.

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