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Hello Moms!

I’m Jody Payne, a South Orange County California mom trying to Laugh Out Loud at this crazy life filled with squabbling kids, a washer always out-of-balance, and a purse full of expired coupons and squished cheerios.

I’m actually educated, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at how I spend my day. Nobody needs a M.A. in English to scrub toilets and run the carpool. Of course, I am extremely popular with any kid with an essay due or a question about helping verbs.

So life is good.

I love to write. It is what I do for me. Some women scrapbook, others like Bunco. We all need to find what nurtures us, as well as our kids. So I write.

For a long time I didn’t because I was waiting for something serious and important to say. And all I had to talk about was my kids. Then I realized I might never find that serious subject–but a whole lot of trivial stuff was happening right under my nose–and it was funny. At least to me. So I started writing it down.

When days were tedious and exhausting and sometimes humiliating, I realized that often the difference between a horror story and a humor story is just a little time. Maybe you will relate. I hope so, because a shared smile in the war zone can get you through one more diaper to change, car seat to buckle, and lunch to make.

I’d love to hear from you. I’d be thrilled to give my completely unprofessional opinion on any of your parenting questions. Especially since no one around here listens to my advice. Just don’t blame me for how your kids turn out. I promise not to blame you for mine.

If you would like to write an article for this blog, send me your stuff. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. I’ll correct it, if I still remember how. If your piece makes me laugh, I’ll post it and give you credit and a link to your site. But if it a PMS day, I make no publishing promises…

Please note: I never recommend (or even discuss) any products in my blog that my family and I don’t believe in or use. I write the truth…mainly. Ok, I change my friends’ names so they will still talk to me.

Enjoy Moms Laughing Out Loud! Remember, we moms hold the world together and make it a beautiful place. Support good parenting, happy families, and each other. Please share this site with others.



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