Crazy Things My Sister Does With Her Labrador Retriever!

May 28, 2010 Family Travel No Comments

OK…My sister sent me this video of her playing her Labrador Retriever as a conga drum to the band “Pink Martini.” She is so funny!Watch about 1 minute & 15 seconds so you can see how elegant she is with her hand gestures and her dog doesn’t even move!!!!

Life is a Beach

May 15, 2010 Family Travel No Comments

I always wanted to live on the sand. And now I do.

It’s not exactly the lifestyle I envisioned. I was thinking beachfront entertaining, relaxing sunsets dipping behind Catalina, crashing waves lulling me to sleep. That’s not what I got.

I got sand. I guess when I was making my wish for the OC good life, I forgot to attach an ocean to my dream of beachfront paradise. So my wish has come true. I got the beach part—just not the water part.

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